Things to do in the area

We fell in love with Rocky Harbour on our first visit and every time we come back, we find something new to discover.

Click the titles below to read a description of some of our favourite things to do in both Rocky Harbour and the surrounding area.

Gros Morne National Park

We definitely suggest a visit to the world heritage site that gets its name from Newfoundland's second highest mountain peak; Gros Morne National Park. Full of stunning vistas of fjords and mountains, the ancient landscape was shaped by colliding continents and grinding glaciers. With this dramatic topography comes diverse terrain including coastal paths, towering sea stacks, spectacular gorges, alpine highlands and tundra plains. The park is perfect for hiking, walking, and exploring and you might just spot a moose or caribou! Also worth a trip is a hike through the Tablelands, an area where the Earths mantle is exposed from the coming together of two continents, half a billion years ago.

You can learn more about Gros Morne here, or the park itself here!

Boat Tours

One of the best ways to take in the beauty of Gros Morne and the surrounding area is by boat. You can experience a true slice of Newfoundland on board large boats where guides explain the history, geology and flora of the magnificent views that float by. Or you can take a more adventurous approach and kayak through a paradise of coastlines and weathered mountains. A truly unique perspective, oceanside excursions allow you to see things that would otherwise go unnoticed by simply walking the trails like waterfalls, billion year-old glacier carved cliffs and aquatic wildlife. Also if you are interested in fishing there are some great spots to check out and guides to help you find the best spots for deep sea or light tackle!

Here is a link for more information on these awesome excursions and another one for a big boat tour we highly suggest!

Wildlife & Scenery

Gros Morne National Park is not the only spot that has stunning wildlife and views, the surrounding area of Rocky Harbour (where Morneing Glory Cottage is located), is just as beautiful and memorable. We suggest taking a stroll around and soaking in the ocean vista and the creatures that you can sometimes spot like Harbour seals, whales and of course fish! Also keep your eyes peeled for some of the other critters inhabiting the area including caribou, black bears, red foxes, snowshoe hares and beavers! Another interesting place to visit is north of Gros Morne Park, L'Anse au Meadows to see icebergs as the float by and the only authenticated Norse site in North America with a replicated longhouse and Viking port.

For more information about L'Anse au Meadows, click here!

Historic Sites

The region is incredibly rich in both its natural beauty and history. We encourage you to take a stroll along the coastal path to The Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse, one of the top places in the area to spot whales and take in sunsets. Then enter the century old lighthouse and spend a cozy afternoon listening to the stories it has to tell and tasting the freshly baked treats on offer in the historically preserved rooms. Whether you get a chance to check out the museum or not, the views themselves are well worth the visit!

Another interesting spot to pass by is the wreck of the S.S. Ethie, a coastal steamship that ran aground in a winter storm in December of 1919. A plaque at the site will tell you that with no loss of life, the story became an inspiration and songs written to commemorate it. Just a quick stop along your way is enough to take in the wreckage and take a walk along the colourful pebble beach. But please note, the site is only accessible down a long flight of stairs so be sure to bring your walking shoes!

Local Craft Shops

As you've probably read, Rocky Harbour and the surrounding area are naturally stunning and inspiring to visitors and locals alike. The region is full of local glass, wood, jewelry, metal, and fibre artists selling creations inspired by the scenery in their studios and shops. They are the best places to find authentic, tasteful travel souvenirs. Our top suggestions include the Glass Station, a former garage turned studio filled with glass and other artisan work, Gros Morne Crafts and Souvenirs, a quaint shop filled with locally made items and authentic Newfoundland music and Seaside Souvenirs a store with both incredible staff and incredible finds! Take a look around, we're positive you will find something great to remind you of your stay in Rocky Harbour!

Gros Morne Theatre Festival

While you're staying in Rocky Harbour, we suggest an entertaining evening of local story telling at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. With both national and international classics as well as newly written plays about Newfoundland and Labrador on offer, it's one of the best places to spend a night on the town. With no bad view in the house, we suggest taking in a dinner-theatre show for a combination of amazing talent and delicious food. Get a chance to soak in the culture and experience traditional stories told in innovative ways at this community gem.

To find out what's playing when you're in town, click here!

Places to eat in Rocky Harbour

There are a lot of great places to eat in and around Rocky Harbour from restaurants to cafes and street vendors but here are our top suggestions!

Java Jacks Restaurant & Gallery

One of the higher end dining experiences in Rocky Harbour, we believe Java Jack's is worth the money for the welcoming ambience and the amazing quality of food. They also have a great cafe where you can grab a coffee and snack for a quick breakfast on the go. Because it's one of the best restaurants in the area, we suggest calling ahead a day or two for a reservation.


Earl's is the place to go for authentic Newfoundland food served with authentic Newfoundland spirit. Here you can try things like moose stew, cod tongues and Jigg's dinner. The staff are friendly, the food is an awesome value for your money and the restaurant is very popular, so be prepared to possibly wait for a table!

Treasure Box Cafe

The Treasure Box is great because it not only has delicious home cooked meals, it also has a quaint gift shop with Newfoundland souvenirs. Known best for the hospitality, it's also the perfect place to stop in for a coffee and enjoy some Newfoundland charm.

Jackie's Restaurant

Jackie's Restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal in our dining room or out on the deck where you can take in the sights and sounds of scenic Rocky Harbour. Jackie’s Restaurant is serving the best in traditional Newfoundland food such as our famous Fish and Chips and home-made hamburgers and fries.

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